Case Study of JSW Steel – Enterprise Energy Management

JSW Steel Limited is world 6th Largest Steel Plant, operates with Single Location Plant at Vijayanagar, Karnataka.


    • JSW Steel Ltd had a major challenge in terms of Manual Data Collection and Reporting Data by using Large Excel Spread Sheets across the vertical departments.
    • Slowed their workforce utilization, process improvements and was prone to human errors in data capturing.
    • Difficult to do Data Analysis, No Collaboration of third-party application’s for data consolidation


    • Data Collection and Reporting – Automatically generate reports, dashboards, Graphical Representation view, consolidation of data based on business needs or user needs
    • Integration – Based on Business Logics, connects seamlessly with any information solutions for collecting and reporting on data from disparate solutions
    • Single Platform:- Connects all Top to bottom line management on a single source of truth to get a big picture of their operational

Results & Benefits

    • Improved workforce utilization, continuous improvement in the process.
    • Secure data, access to real-time information analysis to take quick decisions based on functionality
    • No email attachments, No IT Help, Reduced time from hours to minutes, No deviations, drag & drop features to build or change any process in future with business logic

Output of Solution

    • Calculation of Total Specific Energy Consumption, Energy Intensity, Steam & Fuel Ratio, Consumption Reports
    • Monitor numerous KPI’s like Gcal/TP, Kcal/Kg, Kwh &etc.
    • Identification of Plant Efficiency/ Energy Consumption based on production
    • Identification of Energy/ material inputs costs per ton of production on Plant wises.

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