Case Study of Sun Pharma for Energy Tracker

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a multinational pharma company and one of the major players in the generic drug market at Indian and International level, having 40+ manufacturing sites spanning over 6 Continents.

Challenges with Manual Spread Sheets

    • Manual Data Collection: Create, Distribute and collect the information on the different templates of excel spreadsheets from a set of departments across the verticals via emails from different plants from India & International Sites
    • Capturing the Values: Difficult to extract the values from hundreds of operating parameters like Broilers, Air Compressors, Chiller Plants, HVAC, Generators, Electricity, and other disparate sources
    • Timely Reports: Unable to generate the MIS Reports like weekly/monthly consumption reports, Power & Energy Index, Cannot monitor KPI’s, Production Details of Sites, Actual Values and many more. Time-consuming process for reporting and slowed the process

AmpleLogic Solution for Energy Tracker or Engineering Process Automation

    • Highly flexible, user-friendly, can access real-time data from anywhere
    • Single Interface has been created for all the users based on the Plant Sites to Input the data
    • Energy Tracker solution will generate automatically any type of MIS Reports like Weekly/Monthly Consumption Reports, Usage details of Equipment’s, Utility Month efficiency, detailed summary of various KPI’s, Power Index and Steam Ratio’s and required with a single click based on data given
    • Full control over data with secure access to specific users to restrict major information based on column and cell wise


    • Reduce your time of manual data collection, upgrade legacy systems with Integration to fetch the data, or make better use of the data you generate
    • Monitor the Energy Use in all the Plants with past years of models for comparison with Actuals/Historical Values and Results in more accurate consolidated reports with a bottom-up approach
    • Identify the loopholes where they can reduce the various input parameters costs
    • Assign tasks and deadlines to specific users and view their status in real time.
    • Confusion eliminated simplifying the process thus saving precious time and effort of users with ROI recognized by next quarter.

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