Low Code Application Development Platform

AmpleLogic Low Code Application Development Platform is a process management tool and comprises a robust workflow that connects every person, department, and systems inside and outside of your business. A low code platform like AmpleLogic allows you to easily build and test business applications that meet your organizations’ specific needs and also fill in the gaps between your line of business systems.

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Low Code Application Development Platform

Why AmpleLogic Low Code Platform?

AmpleLogic Low Code Application Development Platform allows you to create any number of business applications on your own visually using a simple drag and drop application components, adding minimal handwritten code wherever necessary. This visual modeling approach allows professional or technical developers to more quickly build complete applications by relieving them of the need to write thousands of lines of complex programming code.

AmpleLogic Low Code Platform also enable business analysts, admins, project managers, business owners, and other non-programming members to quickly turn your ideas or vision into to build business applications. By this platform 80% of your needs or business requirements will be addressed without writing a single line of code, in some exceptional cases, slight coding may be required.

Especially for IT departments with a lack of resources, low code development platforms offer an opportunity to meet the high demand for applications and their requirements. This low-code approach allows business apps to be developed up to eight times faster, significantly accelerating development time, further which increases the business productivity and efficiency at their work levels as well as reducing costs

This Low Code App Development Platform allows the customer/user to automate their day to day work activities in a better fashion. If you don’t have enough time or resources to build your application, then AmpleLogic Low Code web and application development platform is a low-cost solution that comes to your rescue

Low Code Application Development Platforms enable very rapid development of software or application, takes lower effort, lower costs and eliminates a lot of the risks involved in traditional software programming methods. As the AmpleLogic Platform Interface is intuitive and easy to understand, hence it can be called as Self Service Platform, where one easily creates and edit the business process with just a few clicks

Low Code Application Building Procedure

The process of building up the application consists of creating the forms, configuring the workflows, generating the reports, connecting the systems and analyzing the new set of information or data.

Low Code Development Platform provides a competitive advantage to innovate and deliver new capabilities rapidly.

Low Code Platform Feature Highlights

  • AmpleLogic Low Code Application Development Platform has the capability in Building up the Enterprise Class Applications without writing a single line of Code. Hence any technical background is not required to handle the platform.
  • AmpleLogic Low Code App Development Platform is built with advanced features required for an application to develop at reduced timelines, which in turn saves a lot of Time, Cost and Effort.
  • Day to day problem statements can be quickly turned into customized applications.
  • Access and manage your applications quickly, securely from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Creating Applications and Instantly publishing it to the users can happen in No Time.
  • Analyzing the data using the graphical charts and reports on the dashboard.
  • Our Low Code Platform has no language barrier and Interface will be created as per the client requirement.

Forms – Build Your Own Forms

AmpleLogic Low code App Platform has a simple Drag and Drop intuitive interface, where 28 data types are available to accommodate the validations and business logic. Low Code Platform interface allows anyone to build customized forms in Minutes rather than spending weeks on coding and developing. Creating Table views, Grid Views, Linking Forms, Multi-User Controls comes easy here.

With this form generator feature, you can create any number or any kind of forms like suggestion forms, payment forms, sales quotation forms, petty cash forms, lead generation form, etc.

  • The Form does not require coding. Hence you do not have to be a developer to build them.
  • With just a few clicks, Forms can be created, which results in saving a lot of time and efforts.
  • Drag and Drop fields help in collecting varied data like Mobile Numbers, email address, feedback, etc
  • Rearranging the Field position is easy here.
  • Using these forms, the customer can build any data capture application.
  • These forms can be used in any workflow routing.
Low Code  - AmpleLogic
Low Code Application Development Platform

Low Code Application
Low Code Platform

Workflows – Configure your own workflows

AmpleLogic Workflow automates your process, so that everyone along the process, across departments like (Sales, Finance, HR or Operations, etc) can connect, collaborate and work together.

Creating Conditions, Assigning Roles, Setting up Notifications and deadlines at every stage of the workflow can be defined. Diagrammatic representation of the workflow can be done by just doing drag and drop. Approvals can be set at any point of workflow, with enabling a change request to send items back to any step in the workflow.

AmpleLogic intuitive workflow fits any organization needs better than any other solutions, and the customer himself can make changes to apps as and when their workload and requirements changes.

  • Even Complex Process can be defined in a very brief time.
  • Change management is easy here, with just a few clicks you can rearrange the process.
  • Schedule periodic tasks to send reports, reminders, etc.
  • Notifications and status updates keep all team members connected & informed. Communication can be improved and Errors will be reduced.

Roles and Permissions

Define Roles in your organization. Creating Users, assigning roles to your users and provide access to forms and reports relevant to their jobs or Permissions.

Managing fields can be editable, hidden and read-only access at every stage of the workflow.

  • Manage users and Control access at a granular level through role-based authorizations.
  • Role Based access to safeguard the Forms Data and its accountability.
  • Data sharing becomes easy within the organization with secure access control.
  • Management Visibility and reporting Internal status are made easy. This eliminates finger pointing and provides
  • complete transparency.

Form Reports and Advance Reports

Reports provide the ability to collect data from different forms. It allows viewing the data in many ways. The reports can be useful when a customer wants to see the latest updates for all the users in one place. Status of any action or task can be shown instantly.

Form Reports enables customers to check the progress of any action to understand the estimated completion time or to identify where the barriers are formed.

AmpleLogic Advanced Report helps in creating tailor-made reports rather using spreadsheets and email to track workflows. These custom reports help clients in gaining actionable insights on raw data and make a meaningful decision.

Master Data

Creation of master data comes easy here. You can import or export master data with just a few clicks. AmpleLogic Software helps us to import any kind of data fields, no matter how many numbers of items related to the data, with just one import option you can upload all the data in No Time.

Custom Applications through API Integration

Any third party ERP systems can be integrated into our AmpleLogic Platform. Most of the companies use third-party software systems to run their business operations, but they may not get all the features needed for day to day operations. Third party API integration permits you to develop custom applications that connect directly with your third party software so that you can add features or improve upon business processes.

AmpleLogic is specialized in developing bespoke and custom solutions for companies required to integrate multiple systems. But Challenge here is API Documentation should be supplied by software vendors, which contains all the technical details required for programmers to integrate the software to a custom application.

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