Exchange Server Auditing Tool

Exchange Server Auditing Tool

Microsoft Exchange is the most popular email messaging application today and used by many organizations. This is also an in-house solution same like an active directory but managing exchange server auditing resources will take the burden on administrators for managing and auditing if anything goes wrong. Unauthorized or accidental mailbox login attempts and critical changes to mailbox permissions.

AmpleLogic exchange server auditing reports provide a solution for auditing all types of mailboxes, groups and policy’s changes occurred in exchange. Our uses Power Shell to generate all types of Exchange Server Auditing reports which are more faster than other methods.

Exchange Server auditing software helps to track the changes made to Exchange server configuration, Exchange databases, mailboxes, and permissions including public folder permission changes.

  • Exchange Email Proxy Enabled Groups
  • Exchange Mail Box Feature report
  • Default Storage Limit
  • Exchange Mail Box Size Limit
  • Users Hidden from Exchange Address
  • Accept Messages from Everyone
  • Accept Messages Restricted
  • Users Based Forward to
  • Default Send receive Messages
  • Naming Attributes
  • Email Offline Address Book
  • MS Exchange Policies
  • Exchange Mail Box Policies
  • Exchange Offline Address Book
  • Transport Server Messages
  • Send Server Message Settings
  • Exchange Mail Box Enabled Users
  • Users Without Exchange Mail Box
  • Exchange Mail Box Enable Groups
  • Users with Email Proxy Enabled
  • Receive Server Message Settings
  • Restricted Send Receive Message size
  • Exchange Mailbox statistics report (inbox, outbox, sent items)

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