User Management

User Management Software System for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies

In order to avoid all these complexities, AmpleLogic came up with a complete solution to manage various types of request and activities through a User Management System. This Software is a web-based solution that helps users to raise any sort of requests, manage all the user’s roles and permission access, track the licenses of software’s/instruments which are being used globally in all locations of an organization

AmpleLogic User Management Software comes with AD integration whereas the AD account can be created for all newly joined employees at any instance of time hence it reduces the manual process and saves a lot of time. This AD user can directly have access to this software and request for new user creation in any software/instrument

AmpleLogic User Management Software will comply with current regulatory standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11 Compliance, MHRA, ISO, and other standards. This system meets all the requirements for achieving a high productive administration works

Industry Challenges with Manual Admin Process

In today’s business environment, most of the companies are rapidly growing globally in emerging markets and they do present some challenges in the growth of employees with varying different roles and responsibilities. This leads to an increase in the use of external enterprise solutions to perform their daily job activities. In this typical organizations, each and every user has ‘n’ number login credentials to sign into different internal software systems in an organization-wide. Due to these complexities, it creates real business challenges in the process like      

  • Redundant and expensive onboarding processes
  • Slow and unreliable access deactivation
  • Complexity in managing various software licenses
  • Difficulty in managing the roles and permission access to the software
  • In many cases, when an employee leaves the organization, still the licenses of a particular employee are active. Hence it results in loss to a company as well as to purchase additional licenses to a newly hired employee to make a delivery process smooth
  • Employees may use system credentials of the supervisor even after his absence
  • Leads to increase in IT support cost, poor service, security vulnerabilities as well as violating the regulatory requirements within the organization
  • Difficult to track and maintain the list of user licenses across the enterprise which are near to its expiry date and time
  • Unable to track the number of users requested for resetting, unlocking passwords and user accounts along with modifications in an employee profile
  • Replacing the existing user licenses to a new user with the same roles and permission access to a system software given by the administrators and does not meet their cGMP Practices
  • Unable to produce the reports and leading to the poor decision-making process

Like many others, these organization is currently using the Microsoft tools like word, spreadsheets and another legacy process like filling up multiple forms for requesting access to software or instrument, resetting of password, unlocking the user accounts, changes or modifications in roles, deactivation of user accounts in a software. This entire process will be a time consuming, costly, error-prone, repetitive administrative tasks and poor paper documentation. These requested forms are stored in manual files and documentation cell rooms for longer years.

It is utmost important that requisition and utilization of IT or other assets must be systematically recorded and documented with all prior reviews, approvals and budget controls. These type of request activities normally becomes very difficult to coordinate and manage manually

Key Features of AmpleLogic User Management System

Roles and Permissions – Easily manage the user roles and permissions in all accessible software’s.

Employee Profile Update – Automate employee profile updates like email, designation, etc.

User Life Cycle Management – Automate user onboarding and off-boarding process with seamless communication between directories.

Unlock and password reset requests – Easily manage to unlock and reset password requests.

Dashboard Reports – Auto-generate Plant Level reports such plant wise accessible software’s, instruments and plant wise user licenses and many more.

Delegate the records – Delegate the records within the same role user.

Email Approval – Email approvals are possible for all request types

Additional features with AmpleLogic User Management Software

  • All the requests for a software/instrument such as reset password, unlock user accounts, enable/disable user id and role changes can be done through the system thus results in saving time
  • Approval Process can be done quickly for all the user requests in a single click
  • AmpleLogic User Management System has full reporting capabilities including built-in reports and customizable email alerts/notifications
  • Allows different levels of permissions to be set for different users according to levels of hierarchy
  • Bulk Active Directory (AD) accounts can be created in a single instance through this e-Admin System
  • When the AD user account is inactivated, the generates an email alert for deactivation task to system admins of the software or instrument to deactivate the employee from a particular software as well as helps in balancing the license of software and instruments
  • This software generates a unique user name to each employee which cannot be used by another user
  • Users can request for role additions, deletions for any software by viewing the currently holding roles in the system
  • As soon as the AD is created for an employee, the employee can have access to this system by default hence the employee can request for the new user creation in any software/instrument.
  • AmpleLogic User Management Software auto-generates a report displaying the no. of software’s/instruments that the user having access permission
  • The system generates plant level reports such as plant wise accessible software’s/instruments, plant wise employees (Permanent and contract basis), activated and deactivated AD users, etc.
  • Licenses replacement can be easily tracked in the system
  • The system generates a dynamic report showing the roles of a user in a software/instrument.
  • Criteria can be defined in the E-Admin system for a user to be a part of the software/instrument 
  • This System generates a complete user audit trail report with all the actions performed by an employee along with e-signatures
  • Access to a network path or addition of a user mail to email groups can also be requested through this system and it generates reports displaying the employees who are having access to the network folder or email group.
  • The system auto calculates and displays the available licenses, pending licenses and consumed licenses for any software/instrument, etc

Benefits of using User Management Tool

With the help of the User Management System, Administrator at the central office can manage the licenses of the software’s/instruments.

  • This System works as a log book for all requests such as new user creation, unlock a user account, reset the password, modifications (role change) and at the same time, the requests are available in software throughout its life cycle.
  • 24×7 accessibility and can be accessed from anywhere at anywhere from any system
  • Reduces the operational costs, increases employee productivity, enhance compliance and automate repetitive admin tasks
  • Avoids the delays in requests, as the process will be streamlined and documented
  • Improve response time, user service and increase efficiency, etc
  • Ensures data integrity of the information contained in the electronic form

AmpleLogic User Management Software has been implemented in various Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Life sciences, and manufacturing companies