Compliance Management

Compliance Management Software

AmpleLogic Compliance Management System is a web-based solution that enables companies to form a set of internal controls to facilitate the operational transparency as well as ensure compliance with the ever-changing requirements like Regulation Standards, Policies, Acts, and obligations are applicable to them globally or at the facility or site level, and enabling them to manage changes to applicable laws like environmental, health and safety etc., helping organizations to eliminate compliance deviations and non-compliance risks

Global organizations operating across the various countries and geographical regions are exposed to a high risk of regulatory non-compliance. During this context, addressing with the high volume and diversity of rules and gathering the information required to achieve compliance is essential to avoid the chance of non-compliance and to protect their brand reputation

AmpleLogic has developed a compliance software solution which will manage all the compliance requirements of any organization. This system offers a flexible solution that can be easily tailored to fit any needs of the organization that streamlines processes and reduce errors in the manual process

Challenges of Compliance Management in Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Maintaining the registers or log books to manually enter the information related to their compliance activities.
  • Difficult for senior level management to get an insightful overview of their company’s present and current compliance status
  • Forgetting the license details regarding the due dates or when it must be renewed.
  • Difficult to identify the various details of licenses with respect to their regulatory standards and acts.
  • Compiling hundreds of excel spreadsheets to support compliance management and regulatory reporting is time-consuming and easily prone to errors.
  • Using the legacy systems or traditional tools that are not designed to meet the requirements

Features of the AmpleLogic Compliance Management System

  • Compliance Management Software contains built-in flexible business workflow processes and incorporates predefined processes that customers can customize to create a completely unique workflow based on their business flow.
  • Compliance Solutions is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements and meets other regulatory standards
  • AmpleLogic Compliance Software has flexible access security and provides essential features such as electronic signatures, audit trails, multi-password protections, and user time-stamped activity, etc.
  • AmpleLogic solution has the capability to support the user’s local language which can be translated and has no language barrier.
  • Interactive dashboards and reports provide real-time visibility to all functional department levels of an organization.
  • Auto-generate tasks, triggers, and notifications to specific users when the tasks must be performed, for status updates, requests, issues, assignment and more.
  • Ensures the integrity of compliance data or information and track all the changes made to all the records in the system.
  • Compliance Management Solution helps to create customization reports and auto-generate the compliance reports that are required for their audits

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