Incubation Management

Incubation Management Software

Incubation Management Software is a web-based system designed to automate your existing manual processes entirely online to record all the samples details with respect to their type of incubators

This Incubation Management Software helps to automate the manual paper-based process widely used for entering the complete details of samples or materials with their test conditions either through log books or register books. This solution will eliminate the use of paper records.

AmpleLogic Incubator Management Solution will comply with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant requirements such as complete audit trails, electronic signatures, users’ time stamp activities, etc.

Incubation System application can graphically display real-time information for each one connected and provide full audit reports

Why Incubators?

The Incubator is a device used for controlling factors such as temperature, humidity and other conditions like CO2 for maintaining proper pH Levels of your samples and materials. These are widely deployed in the Research & Development Industries of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and other related life sciences sectors.

Challenges of the Incubators in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

The Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries are mostly using the incubators and there are set of challenges can be identified in their incubation process.

  • Lab Managers must maintain the Log Books to record the following information in the processes
  • Number of Samples that are to be required to incubate based on the batches or lots
  • Desired start date and end date of the incubation period.
  • A number of trays are included in the process.
  • Start time and end time of the minimum and maximum incubation time.
  • Recording the details of test categories, test name, and results of indicators.
  • Signatures of each user on the paper records.
  • Missing of pulling out the samples from the incubators even after incubation period is exceeded.
  • Unable to identify and track the number of samples pulled and stored in an incubator within a specified day or range of time
  • Manual Calculation of time may lead to false results in their incubation time.
  • Don’t have the idea about that which sample has been stored in the incubators and their types.
  • Even after placing the samples in the incubators, users may forget to start their incubation time and this leads to rework and re-test the samples again.
  • It is very difficult to monitor all the types of incubators along with different samples and materials

Purpose & Features of the Incubation Sample Management

  • Incubator Management Software to track and identify the sample positions with incubator wise
  • The incubator System assists the users to view the status of individual incubators, incubation history, etc.
  • Gives you the provision to register the details of samples with required test conditions via incubator Management Solution to maintain the electronic information data which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Sends out email notifications, escalation alerts to the users to pull out the samples in a preferred time from the incubators.
  • It will auto generate the reports or can create customized reports as per the need.
  • The System will auto-generate the triggers to the users if the placed samples or materials are not removed within the specified time.
  • The Incubator Management Solution provides the convenience of controlling multiple categories of samples along with the time specified to the store.
  • This Incubator System is designed to improve your workflow process in the laboratory and increases the efficiency throughout the incubation process.
  • It will also indicate with a coloring differentiation for the record when it reaches maximum incubation period and Deviated records.
  • Incubation Management Software has a feature to track all the sessions based on the specific users

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