QMS – Quality Management System

AmpleLogic Quality Management System (QMS) provides a holistically automated and computerized solution to organizations as opposed to paper-based techniques and functioning adequately with both units on a single platform. The system uses a web-based quality management software which allows for efficiency and transparency in production according to a set quality specification and resolves quality issues from their fundamentals.This system is very useful for organizations that manufacture drug products within a regulated environment and helps them adopt and adhere to strict stipulations set by global regulatory bodies.

CAPA - Quality Management System


CAPA Management and Tracking Software is designed to fully integrate with other critical quality systems such as but not limited to Audits

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Change Control - QMS

Change Control

Change Control Module is designed to maintain smooth communication and coordination in order to manage every significant step of Change

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Market Complaints - Pharma Web QMS

Market Complaints

Market Complaints Management Software automates the handling of complaints from initial complaint, acknowledgment, regulatory

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Audit Management

Audit Management

AmpleLogic Audit Management and Scheduling Software enable the organizations to manage audit schedules, internal audits as well as external

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Deviation Management

Deviation Management

AmpleLogic Deviation Management Software automates the manual process of handling planned and unplanned deviations from deviation reporting

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Vendor Qualification

Vendor Qualification

By being a web-based platform the proposal of new vendors for qualification is easy with sections that capture complete vendor information through

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AmpleLogic - Out of Specification


OOS Management System automates the process of handling Out-of-Specifications for raw materials or finished products from initial reporting

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Out of Trend - AmpleLogic


OOT Management Software allows the Quality Unit of an Organization to manage OOTs, from initial reporting through failure investigations

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Lab Incident Reporting - AmpleLogic

Lab Incident Reporting

AmpleLogic Lab Incident Reporting module is used to automate the manual paper-based process

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This system creates a vision for the employees to work with and sets standards for them to follow, enabling these employees meet set goals and targets within the organization. The system builds thorough motivation within the organization and performs other numerous functions in order to stay relevant and build a global presence in a competitive market with a lot of demands. This and more motivates our effective and efficient quality management system.

Electronic Quality Management System in Pharmaceutical Industry

AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical QMS Software has been designed with class and flexibility to meet consumer’s requirement for quality. It is developed with the latest technology to aid quality management and ensure that products are designed to the best quality.

It is a pre-configured Integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that comprises of various modules including CAPA Tracking, Change Control, Market Complaints, Deviation Management, Vendor Qualification, Audit Management, OOS/OOT, Document Management and, Training Management, etc. with powerful automation and with intelligent tracking.

AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical QMS System is developed with the goal that organizations derive better revenues when they eliminate errors throughout operations and produce products at a high level of quality desired by consumers, at reduced costs.

It is noteworthy that AmpleLogic Pharmaceutical QMS Software complies with all US FDA regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, EU Annex 11, MHRA, GMP, ISO, and other regulatory standards.

Features and Benefits of Quality Management Solutions

Pharma Web QMS Software
Quality Management System in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • We work hand in hand with regulatory standards like 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, EU Annex 11, MHRA, ISO Standards, and others to ensure that we comply with the standards set by these bodies.
  • AmpleLogic QMS is designed to be adjustable and can work easily with other systems such as ERP, SAP, LIMS, Legacy Systems, MES, Document Management, Training Management, etc.
  • Its ability to automate and streamline organizations effortlessly enables AmpleLogic QMS Pharma improve production operations ensuring products with the best quality only.
  • Enables effective customer service operations and ensuring clients’ relations by an opened platform for communications and information. This is done via email alerts or notifications and well-documented customer reviews and approvals.
  • During internal and external audits, our eQMS Software improves the response time and aids the process of this systematic examination.
  • It is easily accessible anywhere despite one’s location and is also very easy to use.
  • AmpleLogic Quality Management Solutions provide a unique central repository system which is a central location for storage and maintenance. This allows for effective documentation and database distribution.
  • It is patterned to adapt to your line of business or industry with customized reports and workflow processes.
  • Areas with a large population tends to limit quality management systems but not ours as we operate a web-based solution which eliminates this limitation.
  • AmpleLogic Pharma Web QMS workflows have been stylishly developed to help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks and hence reducing errors to the barest minimum and maximizing efficiency.
  • AmpleLogic QMS System gives in-depth information that is easy to comprehend with attractive visuals for easy decision making. This is due to the fact that it provides metrics reporting and analytical trending that predicts future stock price movements.
  • Enhanced capabilities of CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action), enabling systematic approach in Investigation, Root Cause Analysis and resolution of your issues
  • This Pharma QMS are transparent and detailed and can be positioned on both on-premise and cloud-based systems which can be easily interchanged.

Quality Management System (QMS) in Pharma

AmpleLogic Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) is one of the fastest emerging software that can manage a business with cutting edge technology that gives an organization a push in the competitive market. AmpleLogic EQMS does not just facilitate cross-functional communication with quality management as a base for easy integration with the organization’s IT infrastructures and other enterprise software, it is also very user-friendly, easy to use and made to aid hectic tasks and streamline quality control. The pharmaceutical quality management system (QMS) has been designed to carry out an array of functions including management of compliance, documents and audits, facilitating the investigation of incidents and the proceeding corrective actions, managing risks, integrating complaint management into the quality management process and many more.

We understand that your organization has its requirements and goals set for your products and AmpleLogic electronic quality management system(QMS) is flexible enough to accommodate your needs. Its flexibility allows for it to easily adapt to your company’s specific requirements and changing business needs. It also serves as a single source of truth by providing real-time business data to stakeholders and drives performance improvement.

AmpleLogic QMS also aids documentation of production and process controls and this action allows for easy integration of quality and product development. Cost of labor and operating costs driven by inefficiencies are also reduced drastically. Most importantly, it helps increase customer satisfaction with your products and services and hence creating new revenue streams that drives sales growth.

We have partnered with several biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical devices and manufacturing industries for years to meet their US FDA regulations, 21 CFR Part 11,  EU Annex 11, MHRA, GMP, ISO standards and other quality needs.

Kindly contact us for more information about how your organization can benefit from AmpleLogic Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS)