Remote Desktop Monitoring

Remote Desktop Monitoring

AmpleLogic Remote Desktop Management(RDM) Software allows the user to connect to a computer in another location, Manage and control the Computers. Unattended access gets great improvement.
AmpleLogic RDM Software System offers the following things which Improves Organization Performance at great extent.

The following things are included in this

  • Acts like a Watch dog as Admin can see the employee’s desktop without their knowledge.
  • Allows Employees to access a workplace computer from home or when traveling.
  • Access a home computer from other locations.
  • Fix a computer problem.
  • Perform administrative tasks.
  • Demonstrate something, such as a process or a software application.

The Key Features include:

  • Desktop sharing: best quality or high speed
  • Remote system information for quick troubleshooting
  • Remote rebooting and reconnecting
  • Restarting into safe mode
  • Application sharing
  • Multiple monitors
  • Session transfer
  • File Transfer
  • Remote printing
  • Desktop as whiteboard
  • Session recording
  • Adding unattended access to remote computers
  • Tagging remote computers
  • Patch management
  • Software Deployment
  • Power management
  • USB Device management

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