QMS (Quality Management) Software

Organizations that manufacture products within a GxP or Regulated environment are required to deliver quality consistently. These companies adopt a QMS (Quality Management) software that ensures Assurance and Control on Quality consistently. But with stringent regulations, the growing customer demands and to make a global presence, there is a natural need for the Enterprise Quality Management System (eQMS) to be robust, effective and efficient.


CAPA Management and Tracking Software is designed to fully integrate with other critical quality systems such as but not limited to Audits

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Change Control

Change Control Module is designed to maintain smooth communication and coordination in order to manage every significant step of Change

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Market Complaints

Market Complaints Management Software automates the handling of complaints from initial complaint, acknowledgment, regulatory

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Audit Management

Audit Management and Scheduling Software enable the organizations to manage audit schedules, internal audits as well as external

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Deviation Management

AmpleLogic Deviation Management Software automates the manual process of handling planned and unplanned deviations from deviation reporting

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Vendor Qualification

By being a web-based platform the proposal of new vendors for qualification is easy with sections that capture complete vendor information through

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OOS Management System automates the process of handling Out-of-Specifications for raw materials or finished products from initial reporting

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OOT Management Software allows the Quality Unit of an Organization to manage OOTs, from initial reporting through failure investigations

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Lab Incident Reporting

AmpleLogic Lab Incident Reporting module is used to automate the manual paper based process

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AmpleLogic Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical QMS Software is a pre-configured Smart Quality Management System that comprises of 13 modules like CAPA Tracking, Change control, Deviations,  Market Complaints, Training etc. with powerful automation and intelligent tracking.

AmpleLogic Pharma QMS (also knows as web QMS), a software and CGMP Quality Management Solution enables the organization to automate their paper-based Business Processes and integrate them across a single platform. This brings exceptional transparency across Quality Systems and in resolving quality issues down their roots.

Amplelogic QMS Software has been developed to be flexible in adapting quickly with compliance with regulatory standards (ISO) and be diverse across a wide range of customers, maximizing benefits of reducing the Quality Costs.

Why our Pharma QMS Automation Solutions Stand out?

Ample Logic Quality Management System went through extensive research in developing a solution to be practical and problem oriented.
AmpleLogic Quality Management System Software

  • 24/7 global accessibility that allows managing quality issues round the clock
  • This pharma web qms will comply with 21 CFR Part 11 Complaint.
  • Clear Transparency and in-depth traceability across integrated Quality Systems, through a web-based Access.
  • Flexible QMS architecture that allows seamless integration with SAP, HR etc.. ,
  • This QMS software has the ability to Customize Reports.
  • Best practiced workflows that allow improved closure timelines as well as reduced initiation timelines
  • Centralized Data Repository that provides harmonized data management across an Organization
  • Metrics Reporting and Analytical Trending that provides informational reports with an eye catching visual representation
  • Customizable workflows to suit the needs of the Business Process
  • Notification and Reporting capabilities to Customer or Regulatory at defined workflows steps for appropriate reviews and approvals